June 28, 2022

Climate Talks Begin Tomorrow In Cancun

global warming glacier ice melting

Delegates from 193 nations will be meeting in Cancun this week to discuss what can be done about global warming and environmental impact

Tomorrow summit talks surrounding the environment and global warming begin in Cancun, with the United Nations trying to reach an agreement for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

The British will be releasing a report that shows how up to a billion people could lose their homes in the next 90 years if things don’t get turned around. The report, which was timed perfectly, will be released at the summit talks.

The summit talks are expected to last 2 weeks, as they try to come up with a global deal to cope with what’s to come. As temperatures continue to rise, causing ice to melt, seas begin to rise and thus makes climates shift, which will affect all mankind.

Tomorrow as 193 nations gather, they will be represented by 15,000 government delegates, business leaders, journalists, and environmentalists. They hope to start building on ideas that will create a more comprehensive deal in the future.

Another goal is to come up with some kind of deal in which the more developed countries, that have more resources, begin to help fund the smaller and poorer countries. The rich countries, such as the United States and Canada, say they need strong commitments from big powerhouse countries like China, India, and Brazil. Not just commitments, but also that their plans are monitored.