September 25, 2022

Claims Of Questionnable Recruitment Of Cam Newton Continue To Surface

The Auburn Tigers' star quarterback, Cam Newton, has been on the hotseat this week with allegations of cheating and breaking NCAA recruitment rulesScandalous claims are oftentimes too easy for people to pass up or let go of. Cameron Newton, star quarterback for the Auburn Tigers, is experiencing this firsthand. Kenny Rogers, a former football player for Mississippi State, is claiming to have additional information about Newton’s recruitment process.

Rogers claims that Cecil Newton, Cam’s father, indicated his son’s skills could essentially be bought by a team willing to fork over $100,000 to $180,000 in addition to a full ride scholarship for the school. Mississippi State recruited Newton heavily.

To make matters worse, Newton was thrust into the spotlight early this week when reported that he had been involved in three separate instances of academic cheating. This during his 2008 season at the University of Florida.

Allegations against, along with scrutiny of, Newton continued to ramp up Tuesday as other news outlets jumped onto the story including who reported that he and his father asked for money in addition to scholarships to secure the player.

Both Newton Sr. and the star quarterback are declining to comment or discuss the allegations. They maintain their innocence and compliance with NCAA rules.

They are joined by Auburn’s coach, Gene Chizik, who backs Newton unequivocally. During a press conference, the coach dismissed the charges as “pure garbage” as part of a rant.

Newton is considered to be a contender for the Heisman Trophy, joining the leaders in the race at this point.