June 28, 2022

Chinese Break Speed Record With New Bullet Train

bullet train

China upped the ante this week with the official announcement of the fastest train in the world. Image by Ivan Walsh.

China has long had a fascination with fast trains. In keeping with that tradition, the country just announced it has built a bullet train capable of going over 300 miles per hour.

This puts the CRH380A “Harmony” bullet train in the top position of fastest train in the world, besting the previous record of 302 mph. This is equal to the speed of a Bombardier Learjet 40XR were it to cruise at low speeds.

The record was broken during a recent run on a pilot portion of track that the train will eventually run on between Beijing and Shanghai. The line is set to open in 2011 according to a report. With an average cruising speed of 350 kmh, it will cut the travel time between the two major cities in over half.

China has been developing their high speed rail system for some time now. They already have laid about 4,680 miles of track capable of carrying high speed trains. They have their sights set on building out the entire rail network to a total of 74,565 miles of track by the year 2020. This would include 9,941 miles worth of high speed capable track.

Not satisfied with this achievement, China is reported to be working on the development of an ultra high speed train capable of running at speeds of 600 kph.