November 16, 2018

Hijacking Alert Triggered On Plane

We all get our morning coffee on our way to work, so I guess it’s no different for a pilot to need his morning coffee as well. The biggest difference is when we spill, it’s a lot less of an issue for us than it is for a pilot on a plane carrying 241 passengers. […]

Crude Oil Prices Still High

The New Year started with crude oil prices at a 26 month high, and it’s anticipated higher prices are still to come. Prices climbed 1.8 cents at the pump in the last seven days. Now the national average sits right at $3.07 a gallon. Residents in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York can expect to […]

3 People Dead After Russian Plane Explodes

Over 40 people were injured and 3 people killed when a Russian Tu-154, taxiing down a snowy runway in Siberia, caught fire then exploded. The crew worked as quickly as possible to get everyone off the plane before the explosion happened. People trying to escape the chaos were jumping through flames just to make it […]

Holiday Travel Woes Continue

It started before Christmas in Europe with a snow storm that delayed and canceled flights. During Christmas, and now a few days after, the East Coast in blanketed in snow, again stranding travelers. Monday was no exception to canceled flights. Three New York area airports were closed after the blizzard covered the East Coast. Airlines […]

Snow Hits East Coast

It was an unexpected white Christmas for some on the East Coast. On Christmas Day, Virginia and North Carolina both declared states of emergency as crews worked throughout the day to try and clear the snow. The mid Atlantic states spent Christmas Day preparing for what was predicted to hit: a foot of snow. With […]

Gas Prices Shoot Up For The Holidays

We were warned about the rising gas prices for the holidays and even though it’s an unwelcome Christmas present, experts seem to be right. On Thursday the national average was $3.013 a gallon, according to information compiled by AAA. For the first time since October of 2008, AAA says that gas prices have broke the […]

Baggage Fees Gives Airlines Huge Profit Gains

Hope you don’t mind paying the fee for checking a bag when you fly, because it has proven to be profitable for all U.S. airlines. Chances are those fees are not going away anytime soon. The Department of Transportation reported last week that U.S. airlines collected $2.56 billion in baggage fees alone from January through […]

Snow And Treacherous Weather Continues In Europe Stranding Many

The snow storms continue to paralyze many parts of Europe. Flights that have been canceled or delayed since Friday and there is more bad weather on the way. Tens of thousands of passengers are stranded at airports across Europe. Many highways still remain closed. Trains and buses that could carry travelers have been restricted and […]

Snow Storm In Europe Cancels Many Flights

On Friday, many flights were canceled out of many airports in Europe as heavy snow fell. There were major delays reported in Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland. Britain experience the wrath of the storm as well. Frankfurt is continental Europe’s second biggest hub and it saw over 600 cancellations. The airport was completely shut down for […]

Southwest Is Ordering Larger Planes

Not only is Southwest ordering larger planes, but the plan is to also start offering international flights. The initial order is for 20 of the 737-800 planes that are made by Boeing Company for delivery by March 2012. By 2014 they hope to have up to 70 of those planes in service. Southwest is purchasing […]