October 3, 2022

Genetically Modified Beets Approved For Planting But Not Without Another Fight

Genetically modified sugar beets that are designed to stand up against the weed killer Roundup can be planted under new strict regulations, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Farmers had been waiting patiently to hear the decision so they could begin their spring plantings. Farmers in 10 states plant sugar beets. Idaho, Minnesota and […]

EPA Working To Make Drinking Water Safer

The Environmental Protection Agency was able to reverse the Bush administration drinking water policy. The EPA is now going to be able to regulate perchlorate, which does occur naturally in small amounts in water, but is also used in rocket fuel and some 16 other chemicals. These chemicals can cause cancer if used in high […]

How Can Eco-friendly Plastic Bottles Be A Bad Idea?

Of all the plastic bottles that end up on store shelves, only 28% end up being recycled. The other 72% end up in a landfill as garbage, according to the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers. So if someone could invent a biodegradable plastic bottle, why would it be a bad idea? Danny Clark, who did […]

Sustainable Design Coming To A Gadget Near You

According to recent research by Pike Research, sustainable design will be incorporated into more gadgets than ever before by 2015. Double what we currently have today, to the tune of over 100 billion gadgets on the market. The largest companies manufacturing electronics are quickly improving their sustainability practices incorporating new materials and processes into the […]

At Least One West Virginia Mountain Top Saved

The Environmental Protection Agency recently vetoed a project to remove yet more West Virginia mountain tops in an effort to extract coal from the area. The massive project named Spruce No. 1 Mine, outlined the destruction and levelization of mountain tops in Central Appalachia. West Virginia, dubbed “Wild and Wonderful” according to the state’s welcome […]

France Considering A New Eco Friendly Location For Nuclear Reactors

Most environmentally conscious people don’t like the idea of nuclear power plants or their possible proximity to populations. However, nuclear power provides a safe and effective method for producing huge amounts of power. A naval company named DCNS that provides services to the French government thinks they may have a way to have your nuclear […]

Connecticut Is The Latest State To Discourage Plastic Bag Use

Residents in Connecticut may start to see additional charges when they go shopping courtesy of proposed legislation going before the Senate. The chairman of the Legislature’s Environment Committee is the one sending up the proposal. The bill would impose a 5 cent fee on every plastic or paper bag used when a consumer goes shopping. […]

Porsche 918 RSR Gives Us A Glimpse Of Environmentally Friendly Sports Cars

On Monday, Porsche revealed to the world it’s latest track bound race car called the Porsche 918 RSR. The car is everything you’d expect from a high end sports car company such as Porsche with a rather large twist. The car includes new hybrid technology the sports car company has been testing specifically for motor […]

Synthetic Biology Gets A Potentially Huge Boost

Science continues to yield some amazing results. A recent breakthrough by Princeton chemist, Hecht, is bringing futuristic science fiction to reality. The chemist essentially built life from scratch, utilizing synthetic proteins to support life. Through extensive research, scientists cataloged one million amino acide sequences. These sequences are what give identity to proteins, which are seen […]

Salt Used On Winter Roads Is Creating An Environmental Problem

The primary method for improving driving safety on public and private roads and walkways is having a negative impact on the environment according to numerous studies. For 60 sixty years, we have depended on salt, or sodium chloride, to add traction on snow and ice covered roads and walkways. This has led to an annual […]