October 3, 2022

Apple iOS 4.3 Coming, Possibly On Valentine’s Day

Rumor has it that the latest version of the Apple mobile operating system, iOS version 4.3, is coming as soon as Valentine’s Day. Some sites are even reporting that the OS will arrive to users on February 14. The new Verizon iPhone is scheduled to be released on February 10, and is to ship with […]

The Daily Gives iPad Users A Fresh News Experience

How about daily news sent to your iPad instead of reading the paper? Well today Rupert Murdoch and his News Corp. launched The Daily. The Daily is a publication built just for the iPad, in what Murdock hopes will be the next generation of readers. For just $39.99, The Daily will deliver up to 100 […]

Apple To Fix Some Water-Damaged Phones

Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano and the iPod shuffle have sensors on the inside that allow technicians to know when the phone has been dropped into with water. The sensor changes from a white/silver color to a red/pink color, but only if the device has come into contact with water. […]

Angry Birds Huge Hit and Getting Bigger

Most people have heard of Angry Birds. You have heard about people playing the game, you have heard comedians tell jokes about the game and parents are making their kids’ birthday themes about Angry Birds. It’s everywhere. Well it’s not going to stop with just the a couple of gamea. There is a new version […]

Hacker Goes After Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Page

Despite a renewed commitment to security by Facebook, it appears a hacker successfully took control of the founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s, personally Facebook page. The hacker posted a message saying “Let the hacking begin.” The message went on to say, “If Facebook needs money, instead of going to the banks, why doesn’t Facebook let […]

White iPhone 4 Could Be Just Around The Corner

Ever since Apple announced the new iPhone 4 seven months ago, users have been begging for a white version of the device. Apple has traditionally offered a white version of the iPhone, but has yet to produce one for the iPhone 4 model. The reasons behind the numerous delays and lack of a white version […]

Apple’s App Store Hits 10 Billion Apps And Counting

Just two and a half years after launching, the Apple App Store saw it’s 10 billionth app download on Saturday. The store has facilitated a craze that other companies are drooling over. Apple has paved the way for other online stores such as the Android Market owned by Google, a Blackberry store and others by […]

Apple iPad2 Updated Anticipated Features List

Thanks to some enterprising Apple iPad and iPhone developers, we have an idea of new features that will be included in the next version of the Apple iPad2. Although not confirmed features by Apple, several developers have torn apart the beta version of Apple’s iOS 4.3 operating system to discover clues for what Apple will […]

Nintendo Ups The Portable Gaming Ante

On March 27, Nintendo is going to change the face of portable gaming forever. Or at least that’s what they’re hoping to do. The company will be releasing the new Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS will sell for $250 and affords gamers both young and old to enjoy three dimensional games without the use of 3D […]

Does Facebook Care About Our Privacy?

From the looks of the newest announcement that was made on Friday, it appears that privacy is not a top priority for social media site, Facebook. Even the company’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has never been concerned with privacy. He thinks people like to share information and the more they become connected, the more they want […]