October 3, 2022

Black Eyed Peas Entertain Along With Other Big Names At Super Bowl Half Time

The half time show at the Super Bowl is always one highly anticipated by attendees as well as viewers from home. We’ve seen some star studded lineups over the years, and this year was no different. The Black Eyed Peas pulled out all the stops with plenty of glitz and glamor to wow those taking […]

American Idol Judges Have Favorites

On SirusXM radio, Jennifer Lopez was asked if she had favorites and she said that she did. She did not name any names, but she said it’s been fun to watch them go through the process. She also said that her favorites have changed some too. She is loving the talent that is in the […]

“American Idol” Will Apologize For Steven Tyler

Ryan Seacrest tweeted today that there will be an apology on the Wednesday evening show of “American Idol.” According to his blog, the apology is from the producers, and they are apologizing for Steven Tyler’s behavior last week. No one is quite sure what happened or what is being apologized for. Some might be put […]

Halle Berry Fighting For Custody Of Her Daughter

An amicable split would have been nice, but things are starting to get ugly. Not just ugly, things have gotten so bad that Halle Berry pulled out of the movie “New Year’s Eve” just so she could take care of business for her daughter. The movie was to begin filming this week, but she has […]

Will Zuckerberg End Up Making An Appearance On Saturday Night Live?

There are rumors floating around that Mark Zuckerberg might make a cameo appearance on Saturday NIght Live this week. The host for the night is Jesse Eisenberg, who portrays Zuckerberg in the Facebook movie. It could be a great episode if Saturday Night Live pulls it off. They would have Eisenberg there, Andy Samberg, who […]

Lady Gaga Finally Releases The Lyrics To Her Newest Song

Set to release on February 13, Lady Gaga has finally released the lyrics to her latest song. She was teasing her fans on Twitter with what the lyrics were, but she finally came clean and shared. The song is titled “Born This Way.” She shared a few lines from the song at last fall’s MTV […]

“Skins” On MTV Is Quickly Losing Advertiser Support

MTV’s latest show, “Skins,” is on the fast track to losing advertiser support. Major advertising campaigns from corporate sponsors such as General Motors, Wrigley’s gum, Taco Bell and H&R Block are just a few of the latest to pull their ads from the shows advertising slots. “Skins” made it’s debut on Monday after a media […]

Sundance Film Festival Welcomes Elizabeth Olsen

We have all heard of Mary-Kate and Ashely Olsen, but few have heard of the younger, yet talented sister, Elizabeth Olsen. This year Elizabeth Olsen, 21, makes her debut at the Sundance Film Festival with not just one, but two movies. She is in one of the hot films this year that will be featured […]

Will American Idol Make It?

“American Idol,” starting its tenth season tonight, is faced with some serious challenges that will likely decide its fate this year. The expectations put on the show’s Season 10 could quite possibly be unattainable. Randy Jackson, the show’s only remaining original judge, spelled it out for MTV News in a recent interview, “I hope that […]

Jennifer Anniston Hates The Haircut

With “Friends” came the Rachel haircut that Jennifer Anniston sported. It became hugely popular and now Anniston comes forward and says she thinks it’s the ugliest haircut she ever had. Her hairstylist, Chris McMillan, is great and she loves what he does. It was him that created the Rachel haircut. Anniston says, “I love Chris […]