October 3, 2022

Nasdaq Breach Not Behind Us

Hackers successfully breached systems of the company that runs the Nasdaq stock exchange late last year. News of the breach was just released over the weekend. Nasdaq OMX handles all of the trades for the exchange, along with auxiliary supporting systems. According to Nasdaq OMX, the breach did not occur on the system that handles […]

Blood Vessels Could Become Big Business

Medical device and science related businesses may be getting into the blood vessel supply field before long. Scientists have successfully grown blood vessels from human tissue that are tolerant of being stored. This new method of creating tissue engineered vascular grafts enables surgeons to grab what’s needed, “off the shelf” at the time of patient […]

Stock Market Making A Comeback

For the first time since June 2008, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed about 12000 Tuesday. Even with all the upheaval in the Middle East, and the debt troubles in Europe, it still closed high. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index also finished high.┬áBy the end of the day, it closed at 1308. That’s the […]

Dell Android 3.0 Tablet Coming

Google is updating it’s Android operating system with the new Honeycomb version, or Android 3.0. This release is supposed to include some much anticipated features for tablet devices. Following the release of the Android 3.0 preview SDK for developers, Dell CEO, Michael Dell, promptly committed his company to a tablet based on Android 3.0 as […]

Egypt Goes Off Line

In a move not seen before, the Egyptian government shut down all Internet traffic Friday amid massive demonstrations and borderline war breakout. All surrounding people calling for President Hosni Mubarek’s resignation. It started out with a reported few sites being blocked including social network sites, then escalated to an entire government controlled Internet shut down […]

Google Continues To Grow

Not only is Google continuing to grow, they are doing it quickly. They plan on hiring at least another 6,000 workers across the board in 2011. The reason for the continued hiring is due to an increasingly diverse product portfolio that they are moving forward with this year. Google wants to launch the Chrome Web-based […]

Jobs Likely To Be Focus Of President Obama’s State Of The Union Address

Everyone is speculating about President Barack Obama’s upcoming State of the Union address. Most agree jobs will be the focus of Tuesday’s speech that addresses the jointly assembled Congress. One White House correspondent, Peter Baker of the New York Times, believes “jobs” and “competitiveness” will be two words that will come up together a significant […]

Pirates Still A Modern Day Threat

Just like a scene from a modern day Hollywood film, pirates still pose a real threat to cargo and cruise ships crossing oceans. Somali pirates in the entire expanse of the Indian Ocean have stepped up their game despite inclement weather. The Somali pirates in particular, are using tankers they have hijacked that are carrying […]

House Votes To Repeal Health Care Reform Law

In a vote that passed 245-189, the United States House of Representatives agreed to say “not so fast” to President Barack Obama’s overhaul of the health care system. The House currently has 242 Republicans, all of whom voted to repeal the law, along with 3 Democrats. It appears the repeal will go no farther, however, […]

Miss America 2011 Crowned And She’s A Young One

Nebraska is celebrating today with their Miss America 2011 representative being crowned the winner Saturday. Teresa Scanlan beat out 52 other pageant contestants to take home the crown in the event held in Las Vegas. Scanlan, just 17 years old, is the youngest Miss America winner since an age limit rule was imposed on contestants […]