October 3, 2022

Cancun Talks Continue, Decisions Not Yet Made


Much is left to be done at the conference in Cancun among nations regarding reducing the effects of pollution on our world

The climate control talks taking place in Cancun, Mexico are quickly coming to an end. The summit meeting is 12 days long and ends on December 10, yet there are still decisions to be made.

The Kyoto Protocol, which is a legally binding agreement among some of the developed nations to cap emissions, is set to expire in 2012. Many want it extended after beyond 2012, but others want to see it gone.

Japan was not shy about where they stood. They don’t want to extend the Kyoto Protocol. Many countries are trying to persuade Japan that they need to stay the course, but Japan doesn’t want to continue to live by the Protocol when bigger nations like the United States and China remain exempt. Especially when these bigger nations are considered some of the big polluters.

The United States did not manage to pass a climate change bill which has many other countries skeptical of President Obama and his pledge to lower the nation’s carbon emissions.

Still they are trying to come up with a way for the smaller countries to be able to have the money to make the changes they need to make to cut down on emissions. Some suggestions being talked about are having airline passengers pay a small tax, global money dealers or even have countries subsidize gas prices and put that towards the cause.

Whatever the final decision is, delegates are just hoping an agreement can be made before December 10.