June 27, 2022

Cancun Summit Talks Continue

industrial polution

Representatives from around the world continue to meet about ways to affect environmental impact on a global scale

Representatives from 194 nations have spent the last week talking about ways to control global warming. They will continue on for another week as they make decisions to benefit the environment and try to create ways to fund the poorer countries do the same.

Many are worried about  a repeat of last year, when in the final days, in closed door talks at Denmark, Copenhagen, President Obama and other leaders produced a “Copenhagen Accord.” It was a document that voluntarily reduced the global warming gasses. This was disappointing to a number of small nations facing rising seas from global warming.

Mexico representatives have assured everyone attending that there will be no surprise agenda or secret meetings with negotiations.

Patricia Espinosa, the Foreign Secretary said, “the Mexican presidency will work with full transparency in the coming days.”

They hope that the Cancun talks will help them make decisions on matters like finding ways for the poorer nations to take control of greenhouse gases and to help change their economies to go along with the changing climate. The agreement they are working on would seek for the developed countries to raise $100 billion a year by 2020.

They have also made it clear they will not fully resolve the issue of reducing carbon dioxide along with other greenhouse gases that pollute the air because of industries vehicles and even agriculture.