September 25, 2022

Cancun Climate Change Conference Ends With Positive Results

global warming

The conference on global warming in Cancun wrapped up successfully

After two weeks of intense negotiating, an agreement has been reached at the Cancun climate change conference.

Some still think that the agreement fell short of what needed to happen to keep from having a dangerous climate change in decades to come. However, everyone agreed that at least groundwork has been laid to start the process.

The package that was agreed upon is called the Cancun Agreements. With this agreement those 193 countries that were represented will have another year to decide if the Kyoto Protocol should be extended. The Kyoto Protocol is the 1997 agreement that has the wealthy, developed countries cutting the emissions while helping fund the developing countries. All in an effort to stop global warming.

The agreement also sets up a fund that will help the poorer undeveloped countries, which was a huge concern for some countries. The final decision on how it will be funded exactly, still remains undefined.

Bolivia’s chief negotiator, Pablo Sol√≥n, objected to the agreement, saying it was too weak. Even with his objections, the agreement was finally approved.

Even though the accords were limited, it was still considered very successful since it was the first time in three years the conference adopted any climate action. This would probably explain why when the gavel was hit there was a standing ovation.

Next year’s climate conference will be held in Durban, South Africa.