June 28, 2022

California Doctor’s Body Found in Boyfriend’s Chimney

Dr. Kotarac

Dr. Jacquelyn Kotarac - Undated photo from her Facebook page

A prominent Bakersfield, California, physician in a tempestuous romantic relationship evidently attempted to break into her boyfriend’s residence by attempting to enter by way of the chimney, Bakersfield, California police said on Tuesday. The woman’s decomposing body was later discovered after going unnoticed for three days.

Doctor Jacquelyn Kotarac, 50, initially tried to gain entry to the home using a shovel last Wednesday evening. She then accessed the roof via a permanent ladder, dislodged the chimney cap and entered the flue feet first, according to Bakersfield police Sgt. Mary DeGeare.

During the break in, the man the doctor was seeking, William Moodie, 58, left the house without being noticed in order “to avoid a confrontation,” Sgt. DeGeare said.

When Dr. Kotarac failed to appear for work on Thursday, both her assistant and Moodie looked for her at Moodie’s house. They found the doctor’s car and belongings, the Bakersfield Police Department reported. Yet they found no sign that Dr. Kotarac had entered the Moodie residence. On Thursday afternoon, she was reported missing by Moodie and the doctor’s medical staff.

“She made an unbelievable error in judgment and nobody understands why. Unfortunately she’s passed away,” Moodie stated to a reporter. “She had her issues — she had her demons — but I never lost my respect for her.”

Contacted via phone, Moodie did not challenge the police’s characterization of his association with Dr. Kotarac. However he would not discuss the situation that resulted in the woman’s death, saying that he would rather emphasize the good things she did in life.

Dr. Kotarac was featured as one of Bakersfield’s favorite physicians in a local poll last year.

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