June 28, 2022

Bristol Palin Moving To Arizona

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Bristol Palin has purchased a home in a Phoenix, Arizona suburb

Bristol Palin, 20, who is the daughter of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has bought a house in Maricopa, Arizona.

The house she purchased was a 5 bedroom house that was built in 2006 and originally sold for $330,000. The nearly 4,000 square foot home went into foreclosure in January and Palin was able to purchase it for just $172,000.

The previous owners, Michael and Cynthia Smith said they were unsure why she had purchased it, but they are happy for her. The paperwork shows that she was the sole purchaser of the property. They aren’t sure if she will be a seasonal visitor or if she plans to live there full time.

The neighborhood that she chose is nothing outrageous or pretentious. Apparently it’s within walking distance of an Ace Hardware and several eateries.

Sarah Palin, who was a running mate with John McCain, back in 2008, has visited the Grand Canyon state many times.

Bristol has become known since her time on the eleventh season of “Dancing with the Stars.” She came in third even though she had the least amount of experience of anyone on the show.

The home that she purchased is close to Arizona State University, and there are rumors that she may be enrolling there.