September 25, 2022

Brett Favre Ends His Streak

minnesota vikings

Minnesota Vikings will be without their star quarterback this week with Brett Favre out due to an injury

Brett Favre, 41, has started every game since 1992, but on Monday that streak will end. Favre is dealing with a hurt shoulder that was strained in the Dec. 5th game. Favre holds the most impressive starting streak in NFL history.

Tarvaris Jackson will replace Favre on Monday’s game. He led the Vikings to a 38-14 win when he replaced Favre after he was injured during the last game.

Favre has started for a total of 297 straight regular season games. The last time he didn’t start was back in September of 1992. He was put in to relieve an injured player, Don Majkowski, beginning his 16 year run as starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. He went on to start for the New York Jets and now the Vikings.

The second longest starting streak with quarterbacks is held by the Indianapolis Colts’ Peyton Manning, but he is still 92 games behind Favre. Just last week Manning started his 205th straight game.

In the game this week, the Vikings won’t have a home field advantage as the Metrodome collapsed under all the snow. They instead will play in Detroit on Monday night. Crews worked all day to get the logo on the end of the field for the Vikings.