September 25, 2022

Breast Cancer Treatment Pulled By The FDA, Company To Appeal Decision

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Avastin has been determined by the FDA to not help those it was marketed for: breast cancer patients

Back in December, the Food and Drug Administration made the decision to pull Avastin as a drug to treat breast cancer. The FDA argued that the risks of using the drug far outweighed the benefits.

Avastin is a drug that is used in other cancer treatments as well, such as those found in the brain, colon, kidney and lungs. The risks of high blood pressure, heart failure or heart attack, perforations of intestines, nose and stomach, bleeding and hemorrhaging are all risks involved with taking the drug.

For those with breast cancer, Avastin is not prolonging their life or evening slowing the progress of the cancer, but they are still dealing with all the risks.

Genentech has filed an appeal with the FDA as of Tuesday to ask for more studies to be done. They still believe that the drug may be beneficial to some patients. They would like to do some testing to see what those perimeters might be.

In the meantime, the company does not want the product pulled since there are many people that can benefit. The company had this to say, “This divergence of views demonstrates that the balance of benefits and risks falls within a zone where physicians and patients should be allowed to make informed treatment choices. Withdrawal would jeopardize payer coverage and potentially bar patient access to therapy.”