June 27, 2022

BP Oil Spill Emergency Compensation

oil spill

BP continues to receive requests for relief fund payouts in the wake of the oil spill earlier this year

It all started back in April when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded and sank just off Louisiana’s coastline. The explosion killed 11 crew members and created an oil spill that is bigger than any seen in U.S. history.

BP has created an emergency compensation fund for those affected by this accident. That includes out of work shrimpers, oysterman, bar keepers and even strip club joints who claim business has been down since the oil spill.

The number of claims that will be submitted will be around 450,000. About 175,000  of those people can expect to see some kind of payment. The rest had bad paperwork, incomplete paperwork or are just fraudulent.

Since August 23, there has been about $2 billion in emergency funds paid out. The deadline for those claims was Tuesday night, and in the last 2 days there were nearly 30,000 more claims submitted, some of which will be fraudulent.

Many of the Gulf Coast residents have complained that the payout was not enough as they felt hurried to make a decision. With the new rules that went into place, individuals can request compensation once a quarter until August 2013 or until they decide to permanently settle their claim.

Workers continue to clean up the oil spill. On Tuesday as the director of operations for BP’s Gulf Coast Restoration Organization, James Patrick Black, was helping to guide the recovery, his plane crashed into the waters off the Florida Panhandle.