October 3, 2022

Bowl Championship Series Competition Starting To Shake Out

bowl championship series bcs

The dust is starting to settle on the BCS standings with announcement day quickly approaching

It’s been a fight among the best this year in the Bowl Championship Series. Stanford, the most recent big winner in BCS standings, moved themselves up to the 4th spot on the list this weekend. The team is also staring down a possible spot in the National Championship Game.

On December 5th, the four teams atop the final standings list will be announced as having guaranteed berths in the BCS. If announced today, those four teams would be Auburn, Oregon, Texas Christian and Stanford.

The top four teams will be guaranteed a bid to a big money game, of which there are five. This is ensured by BCS rules.

Several strong teams are still in contention such as Ohio State. One team, Michigan State, will likely have to be satisfied with a bid for a second tier bowl.

Texas Christian is a possible contender for the Rose Bowl along with Wisconsin. Some are anticipating Stanford as a contender for a berth in the big game as well. For that to happen, Auburn would have to lose, and Oregon would need to win. If the college football stars align to this perfect scenario, all others that would include the Orange and Fiesta bowls would be superseded.