September 25, 2022

Big Sites Target Of Latest Hacker Fest

visa mastercard paypal

Several large financial oriented web sites were attacked by hackers today attempting to keep visitors from being able to access the sites

A number of big company sites including MasterCard, Visa and PayPal were all targeted Wednesday by an anonymous group of hackers trying to block access to the companies’ sites. The reason for going after these sites specifically was due to the perception that they had a hand in harming WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks has released a number of confidential documents diplomatic in nature over the past few months. Companies such as PayPal and Amazon, among others, have started to refuse service to the site and even block funds collected on its behalf. This has caused additional backlash against WikiLeaks as other companies jump on board the trend.

Hackers took matters into their own hands, organizing their efforts through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, putting those particular sites in a tough spot. With such a politically charged topic such as WikiLeaks and the perceived right of free speech, these sites have no solid answer to being used for such things as the hackers did today.

A number of groups have taken up a position against WikiLeaks, attempting to block access to its web sites by flooding the servers the sites are on with requests. Supporters of WikiLeaks have responded with actions such as today’s against the online financial sites.

In effect, a hacking war has risen with neither side showing any signs of relenting.