October 3, 2022

Better Screening For Cargo Planes Needed

cargo plane

Officials are asking for the government to speed up delivery of new technology to help in the screening of large cargo items

The head of the International Air Transport Association is urging governments and industries to develop an oversized X-ray machine that could be used to screen cargo for airborne freight. They are asking that they make this available quickly.

Giovanni Bisignani, the Director General and CEO of International Air Transport Associated, said the technology is actually out there and has been made, but it has not yet been approved for use at airports.

Right now there is no way to scan those pallets and large items that get put onto planes. After the explosives were discovered aboard the two planes last week, plans to speed up the approval process and get the technology at the airports is of high importance.

The process being used right now is dogs, trace detection and some visual inspection. To actually go through and open up the containers to check thoroughly would slow down air travel and the movement of goods.

They don’t know how many of these machines would be needed, but they do know that one machine would cost around $5-$6 million according to the estimates from manufactures.

Bisignani has asked that the governments help pay for some of the costs of the improved aviation security. United States airports get the help of the federal government, but in Europe the airports have to pay for it themselves.

For now, the International Air Transport Association is promoting a plan to speed up all air freight through a single use tag. They would do away with papers accompanying each container and instead use a single document like the e-tickets that are now used for passenger flights. This would help them manage cargo security more intelligently and efficiently according to Bisignani.