December 18, 2018

Boingo Sneaks In IPO Filing

Attention has been on Groupon and they’re rumored IPO to raise $15 million recently. Meanwhile, Boingo, a wireless hotspot provider, has quietly filed for an IPO of it’s own. The company’s hope is it will raise $75 million in the sale of common stock. The IPO market has been far from hot lately with not […]

Which Device Wins In A Head To Head Match Between Verizon iPhone And Android

Apple iPhone fans were finally rewarded today with an announcement of a Verizon iPhone hitting the market early next month. This fulfills many predictions made by media outlets and Internet sites speculating about how soon the iPhone would make it to the Verizon network. For many, the Verizon iPhone is a no brainer. They’ll switch […]

Audi Teams Up With Nvidia To Build A Car That Computes

The car of the future is about to become a reality if Audi and Nvidia have anything to say about it. Rupert Stadler, Chairman of Audi, announced an intention to bring serious computing power to future Audi models thanks to a partnership with Nvidia. Stadler indicated a technological revolution was already in place, hidden away […]

First Tablet Is Revealed From Motorola

Today was a day of independence for Motorola Mobility Holdings. They unveiled their first products as an independent company, showing off a tablet, the first for Motorola, and a number of smartphones. All destined for 4G network compatibility. The biggest splash of the bunch is the tablet PC the company released called Xoom. It runs […]

Verizon & Sprint Announce New 4G Phones On The Way

The mobile industry is a hot one, especially for cellular carriers such as Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel Corp. Both announced that new 4G phones, taking advantage of the fastest mobile Internet, are on their way. As consumers continue to chase after more bandwidth on every day devices such as their cell phones, companies are […]

iPhone Lets Some Users Down Already In 2011

Many people depend on their iPhone for a lot more than just to make and receive calls while on the go. The usefulness of the device has caused those who carry it to depend on it for even simple things such as grocery lists, task reminders and some needed entertainment every now and then. Unfortunately, […]

Amazon Makes Good On Kindle Book Sharing Promise

Just barely before the end of the year, as promised, Amazon has held to its word and released a new feature for the hottest ebook reader on the market. The Amazon Kindle software and hardware devices quietly received an update Thursday bringing ebook title sharing as a feature enhancement. The feature offers users the ability […]

Verizon iPhone Expected To Be Announced By Mid February

The latest report stakes an Apple announcement of a Verizon iPhone just in time for Valentine’s Day. This time, it was Bloomberg Businessweek that issued a report about the coming debut of a Verizon compatible iPhone. Such an announcement would end a long run by AT&T of exclusive access to the iPhone. The device was […]

Samsung Galaxy Player To Take On Apple iPod Touch

The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show gets rolling next week, and the rumor mill is working overtime on what will be released or announced at the show. One confirmed showing will be from Samsung, according to several sources. Samsung is bringing a potential iPod Touch competitor to market called the Galaxy Player. It’s based on the […]

Skype Taking On Apple Video Chat

Based on a recently published, then swiftly removed, FAQ page on the Skype web site, video chat could be coming to the Apple iPhone in the not so distant future. The video calls would use both the 3G and Wi-Fi networks if brought to the iPhone platform. The Internet based phone company plans to unveil […]