December 18, 2018

2010 Record Year For Foreclosures, But Not Over Yet

Last year, there were some 2.9 million properties that went into foreclosure, which is up 2% from 2009. That is even with December being down by 26%. Had there not been a drop in foreclosure activity in December, the number would have easily topped 3 million. At that rate, we will see one house in […]

Government Benefits From Student Loan Debt Default

With the cost of college going up so are the loans. This increase in loans being taken out, statistics show that an increased number of loans will go into default. What you may not know is that student loan debts are nearly impossible to get rid of, even if you have to file for bankruptcy. […]

MySpace Hits News Outlets, This Time For Layoffs

MySpace, one of the first popularized social networking sites, has hit the front page of media outlets again. This time, it’s not for reasons that are positive. The company is laying off 500 of it’s workers in what it’s calling a broad restructuring. This accounts for about 47% of its workforce worldwide. Just three years […]

Earnings Facing Uphill Battle In 2011

This week, companies will start reporting earnings. Analysts expect reported gains to peak during this quarter, but start to plateau as companies face an uphill battle fighting unemployment and other business headwinds. It’s anticipated these things could take a heavy bite out of corporate profits. Several industries may see some boost this year according to […]

Media Frenzy Surrounds News Of Tuesday Verizon Announcement

News sites and blogs have been whipped into a frenzy when invitations to a Verizon Wireless announcement started hitting media journalist’s hands this past week. Everyone is assuming the press event being held in New York City will be a joint one between Apple and Verizon to finally announce the Verizon iPhone. Initial rumors pegged […]

State Of The Art F-35 Fighter Plane Delayed

For the second time in just a year, the F-35 fighter program utilizing planes built by Lockheed Martin Corp has required adjusted timelines. The joint effort between the United States and eight international countries has run into numerous delays, budget overruns and other technical issues, especially in the last few years. Robert Gates, Defense Secretary, […]

2011 Treating Stocks Kindly So Far

A new year signals a fresh start for many with resolutions, goals and plans to improve one’s life. The stock market appears to be taking a slice out of the improvement pie as the Dow closed the day at it’s highest in two years, on Monday. Partly responsible were the positive outlooks fueled by construction […]

Can Retailers Make Up $1 Billion Loss From Blizzard?

The blizzard that swept across the Northeast closed stores and stranded shoppers at home and travelers at airports. With shoppers unable to get out, retailers are expecting a $1 billion loss in sales on the day after Christmas. The Northeast was also hit hard last year by a storm that took sales away from their […]

Groupon Decides To Fly Solo

Groupon is brimming with confidence after quickly turning down Google Inc.’s recent purchase offer according to the Wall Street Journal. The offer was reported as being a $6 billion buyout offer. Instead, the group buying site has decided to go it alone, continuing on the path to raise additional funds. According to a certificate recently […]

Google TV A Solid Product With Confusing Happenings

Google TV recently attempted to take the world by storm through strategic partnerships with Logitech and Sony, among others. The splash soon turned into small ripples as interesting events shortly after the big launch have taken things in a different direction. It started with rumors that Google had asked partners to remove Google TV products […]