January 22, 2019

Weather Won’t Stop Super Bowl Fans

Or at least that’s the hope. Weather across the East is causing all kinds of travel problems. Not just with airlines, but on the ground as well. As of Tuesday, there were storms stretched from Dallas to Chicago, and on East to Boston. More than 7,000 flights had to be canceled. Many of those canceled […]

Tourism In Egypt Taking A Big Hit

As you can imagine with all the upheaval going on in the country right now, tourism in Egypt is taking a big hit. Many countries, including the United States, has advised against travel to Egypt unless it’s absolutely necessary. There have been flight delays because of the unrest and even holidays canceled. The Egyptian government […]

Travel Alert Issued For Those Visiting Egypt

United States citizens are being asked to postpone any travel to Egypt at this time. Although another report states that the U.S. State Department didn’t end up issuing a travel warning on Friday and instead issued a “travel alert.” They have stated if your trip to Egypt is not essential, then do not travel. The […]

Continued Impact Of Gulf Oil Spill

The gulf oil spill has had far reaching effects on the environment, as well as local businesses that depend on healthy marine life for business. The disaster will take years to recover from as cleanup efforts continue. It isn’t just an environmental impact that is being felt, however. Louisiana’s state tourism agency estimates that income […]

Southwest Still Going Strong, But Fuel Prices Continue To Rise

Southwest Airlines, known as the world’s low fare carrier, continues to do well. Fourth quarter profits rose 13 % over the same time last year. That rise is due to travelers paying higher average fares. Southwest even said that the first quarter is already looking strong and is well booked. In the second quarter, Southwest […]

American Airlines And Priceline.com Team Up To Change How Airfares Are Sold

American Airlines made a bold shift, working to cut out the middleman who has long taken a cut of airfares booked between travel agencies and sites and the airlines themselves. It’s doing this through a partnership with Priceline.com, and hoping not only other airlines, but other travel outlets will follow suit. Traditionally, travel agencies and […]

Eastern States Getting Hammered With Snow Again

Another storm is moving across the eastern states again. They were hit at Christmas with inclement weather that lasted a few days, stranding holiday travelers all over the Eastern states. Easterners need to brace themselves for another round because Delta has started canceling all flights into and out of Atlanta. Not only that, but travelers […]

Promoters Of Travel Services Are Banking On “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” To Deliver

Tonight TLC will air the final episode of the eight episode series “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” The series stars Alaska’s former governor and the vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and, at times, her family, along with other guests. Travel promoters are banking heavily on the series and it’s two hour finale to spark interest in Alaska […]

Hijacking Alert Triggered On Plane

We all get our morning coffee on our way to work, so I guess it’s no different for a pilot to need his morning coffee as well. The biggest difference is when we spill, it’s a lot less of an issue for us than it is for a pilot on a plane carrying 241 passengers. […]

Crude Oil Prices Still High

The New Year started with crude oil prices at a 26 month high, and it’s anticipated higher prices are still to come. Prices climbed 1.8 cents at the pump in the last seven days. Now the national average sits right at $3.07 a gallon. Residents in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York can expect to […]