December 12, 2018

Salt Used On Winter Roads Is Creating An Environmental Problem

The primary method for improving driving safety on public and private roads and walkways is having a negative impact on the environment according to numerous studies. For 60 sixty years, we have depended on salt, or sodium chloride, to add traction on snow and ice covered roads and walkways. This has led to an annual […]

Blackbirds Falling From The Sky

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is trying to figure out how over 1,000 blackbirds just fell out the sky, dead, on Friday. About 11:30 pm, police officers started getting reports of dead birds. In a matter of just a few hours, over a thousand birds had fallen from the sky. The birds are spread […]

Explosion Sends Sludge And Raw Sewage Into River

An explosion at a waste water management site just south of Chicago has sent one to one and half million gallons of sledge flowing into the Kankakee River. The incident is under investigation as authorities try to determine what the cause of the explosion was. Initial reports are that the methane gas that is used […]

The EPA Has Resolved To Reduce Pollution In Coming Years

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has said that during this next year, they will work to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from oil refineries and power plants. They will also start announcing plans on how that will happen. This was a result of a lawsuit against the EPA. Eleven states, the District of Columbia and New […]

New Study Shows Possible Signs Of Drinking Water Safety Issues

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has been analyzing water in many cities and has just released their findings. Many cities seem to have hexavalent chromium in their water. Many of us were made aware of this contamination in the movie “Erin Brockovich.” Out of all the cities tested, 89% showed signs of hexavalent chromium. There […]

Total Lunar Eclipse In The Skies On Monday

Hopefully the skies will cooperate because on Monday night a lunar eclipse can be seen throughout North and Central America. A lunar eclipse is when the moon passes behind the sun and the rays from the sun are blocked from striking the moon. It can only occur when there is a full moon. Unlike a […]

Antarctica Is About To Be Studied, From The Underside

Determining the impact global warming has on the environment is a tough one. Experts know there is a significant impact on the planet, especially in the glaciers in Antarctica. Up until recently, calculating the severity of the impact has been very tough to measure. Traditionally, scientists have studied places such as Antarctica from space using […]

Columbia River To Be Used To Export Coal

The plans are in place to make the West Coast a big exporter of coal to Asia, specifically China. Although the plans to open the first major coal export facility have been delayed pending an appeal. The U.S. along with the whole world are trying hard to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, so taking them from […]

Cancun Climate Change Conference Ends With Positive Results

After two weeks of intense negotiating, an agreement has been reached at the Cancun climate change conference. Some still think that the agreement fell short of what needed to happen to keep from having a dangerous climate change in decades to come. However, everyone agreed that at least groundwork has been laid to start the […]

Cancun Talks Continue, Decisions Not Yet Made

The climate control talks taking place in Cancun, Mexico are quickly coming to an end. The summit meeting is 12 days long and ends on December 10, yet there are still decisions to be made. The Kyoto Protocol, which is a legally binding agreement among some of the developed nations to cap emissions, is set […]