October 3, 2022

At Least One West Virginia Mountain Top Saved

west virginia welcome sign

West Virginia fossil fuel companies just got denied for a massive project that would remove mountain tops in the state. Image by Jo Naylor.

The Environmental Protection Agency recently vetoed a project to remove yet more West Virginia mountain tops in an effort to extract coal from the area. The massive project named Spruce No. 1 Mine, outlined the destruction and levelization of mountain tops in Central Appalachia.

West Virginia, dubbed “Wild and Wonderful” according to the state’s welcome sign, is one of the most beautiful locations of natural beauty anywhere in the United States. Unfortunately, much of the population depends on coal mining for employment. As a result, much of the natural beauty has been taken for granted in the interest of business and production of fossil fuels.

Fortunately the EPA does recognize the natural treasure in danger of being permanently destroyed and stepped in to stop it. For now at least. The agency commissioned it’s own group of scientists to study the proposed Spruce No. 1 Mine project and concluded it was not safe for the surrounding environment and water supplies.

According to a report by Appalachian Voices, the EPA found the mining practices that would be used to be not only destructive, but unsustainable putting the health of surrounding communities at risk as well the clean water they depend on.

The EPA continues to work within mining companies to put together mining practices that are safe and sustainable without impacting local water supplies.