October 3, 2022

Apple’s App Store Hits 10 Billion Apps And Counting

apple app store screen

The App Store fielded its 10 billionth download on Saturday

Just two and a half years after launching, the Apple App Store saw it’s 10 billionth app download on Saturday. The store has facilitated a craze that other companies are drooling over. Apple has paved the way for other online stores such as the Android Market owned by Google, a Blackberry store and others by HP’s Palm and Microsoft Windows mobile platforms.

Apple remains the largest of any, though, with over 300,000 apps available to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users. The next closest is the Android Market with just over 130,000 apps available for Android devices.

According to Apple, much of the success of the App Store has been in the last year, with 7 billion of the 10 billion apps being downloaded in that time frame. Phil Schiller, the senior vice president of marketing for Apple said in a statement that the App Store has far surpassed any expectation the company had.

One of the reasons for it’s broad success is the ease of use of the store. Apps are submitted by developers and required to go through a stringent approval process ensuring their compatibility and stability. Downloading an app takes only the push of a button.

The next boost to the App Store is likely to come next month as the iPhone hits the Verizon Wireless network affording even more users the ability to get their favorite apps.