September 25, 2022

Apple Reports iPad Now Shipping Within 24 Hours

Apple iPad

Apple iPad

Apple has overcome its iPad delivery delay problems, an issue that has seriously affected the touch-screen tablet since it’s debut in April.

According to Apple’s web site, iPad online buyers will encounter an approximated shipping time of no more than 24 hours. That is a remarkable improvement over the previous two weeks or more of waiting most iPad buyers faced.

As of the end of July, Apple had reportedly sold over 3.27 million iPads.

The 3G edition of the iPad was hardest hit by the extensive delays that compelled Apple to delay  the international unveiling of the iPad by a month to allow supply to catch up with customer demand.

The announcement of Apple’s faster iPad shipping estimates comes after a recent iSuppli report that suggests the iPad will enable Apple to maintain the predominant share of the tablet market through 2012, if not longer. iSuppli reported that in 2010 the iPad will claim 74.1 percent of worldwide tablet sales and will continue to hold approximately a 70.4 percent share of the tablet market in 2011, and two-thirds of total shipments in 2012.

Reports indicate that Apple has fixed problems it had encountered with suppliers of iPad components, making it less problematic to meet iPad demand. Apple had faced difficulties acquiring quality components, primarily liquid crystal display screens, for its popular tablet computer..

Although Apple iPad buyers should be able to obtain their product without significant delay, Apple is continues to face obstacles when it comes to matching demand for the Apple iPhone 4. The iPhone 4, like other popular smartphones on the market this summer, has faced prolonged shipping delays since debuting in June. Apple’s web site estimates shipping delay for a new iPhone 4 to be approximately 3 weeks.