September 25, 2022

Apple iPad2 Updated Anticipated Features List

apple ipad2

The Apple iPad2 features begin to take some shape thanks to clues in the latest iOS 4.3 beta software. Image courtesy of Apple.

Thanks to some enterprising Apple iPad and iPhone developers, we have an idea of new features that will be included in the next version of the Apple iPad2. Although not confirmed features by Apple, several developers have torn apart the beta version of Apple’s iOS 4.3 operating system to discover clues for what Apple will be releasing.

The first and most talked about feature so far is a Media Stream feature. This provides more foundation to the rumor that the iPad2 will include a camera, likely front facing as well as rear facing, similar to the iPhone and iPod Touch devices. The Media Stream function would allow users to share pictures they’ve taken or downloaded onto the iPad with friends and family.

This sets the stage for what may be coming in future iterations of the product concerning media. It’s possible Airplay of some sort could also be included allowing the streaming of not only pictures, but video and music as well. Apple’s cloud services would likely provide storage capacity and connectivity options for the devices as well.

Multi-touch doesn’t seem to be part of the latest iOS 4.3 beta, and it’s not anticipated this will be included in the Apple iPad2 as originally thought. FaceTime and PhotoBooth both appear to be included, however.