October 3, 2022

Antidepressants Used To Stop Hot Flashes

hot flashes menopause

A new study shows anti-depressants may help relieve hot flashes

Menopausal women often deal with hot flashes, for which there is not a treatment, but things might be changing.

A new study was done recently that showed that the anti depressant drug, Lexapro, can help reduce not only the number of hot flashes, but the severity of the hot flashes.

There is no cure for hot flashes, but the primary medication women have used in the past to help control them is a hormone replacement therapy, which is the only FDA approved treatment. Even though this is the only treatment, sales have dropped drastically since 2002. The hormone replacement therapy has been known to cause higher rates of heart disease, ovarian cancer, breast cancer and strokes.

Researchers continue to look for something to help ease and reduce hot flashes, that does not have risks involved.

A group of women participated in the study. Half took the anti-depression drug Lexapro, while the rest took a placebo. Both groups had less hot flashes, although the Lexapro group had fewer hot flashes. The Lexapro group also experienced less severe hot flashes while the placebo group did not.

There are also other anti-depressant drugs that can help like Prozac and Celexa that had better results than the placebo. Since there has not been a study done to compare the different anti-depressant drugs, they are still unsure which ones might provide the best results.