September 25, 2022

Another Crazy McDonald’s Lawsuit

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A former manager sued McDonalds over his weight gain while under the company's employ and won

An unnamed former manager at the McDonald’s franchise in Porto Allegre, Brazil has sued McDonald’s for gaining over 65 lbs in 12 years while on the job, and he won. He was awarded $17,500.

The 32 year old former manager says that when he started working at McDonald’s he weighed 155 pounds. After his 12 year tenure, he had ballooned up to 231 pounds. The reason for the weight gain was because he was made to sample the food.

McDonald’s hires undercover customers, or mystery dinners, that visit restaurants and report back on the quality of the food. Due to this tactic being in place, he was required to sample the food to make sure it was up to par. This was one of the duties of the manager position. McDonald’s also gives workers free lunches, which included a burger, fries and ice cream. That too contributed to his weight gain.

Judge Joao Ghisleni Filho ruled on October 26, that McDonald’s should pay the $17,500. The judge also said that McDonald’s can appeal the decision. The company is going to be looking at the legal options regarding this case.

McDonald’s said they do provide healthy options for their employees with their meals. Whether or not they choose to eat them is up to, well, the employee.