September 25, 2022

“American Idol” Will Apologize For Steven Tyler

american idol

American Idol will be issuing a formal apology for Steven Tyler's behavior last week

Ryan Seacrest tweeted today that there will be an apology on the Wednesday evening show of “American Idol.” According to his blog, the apology is from the producers, and they are apologizing for Steven Tyler’s behavior last week.

No one is quite sure what happened or what is being apologized for. Some might be put off by his nasty remarks or his wandering eyes whenever a “hot” female comes through the door. Not to mention the animal noises that go along with the comments.

I am sure “American Idol” chose Steven Tyler just for that reason, to keep things interesting. Apparently he has done something that does deserve an apology, and to find out what it is, you will need to tune in.

There is also talk that the whole things could just be a publicity stunt by Fox to get more viewers for Wednesday night. That seems odd since “American Idol” is rated number 1 in ratings right now.

Let’s hope they also apologize for letting so many people through by begging there way into the competition. Or maybe even letting in so many 15 year olds. There might be some talent in there, but the question is, are those kids going to be strong enough to handle what is to come.