October 3, 2022

Amazon Opens The Door For Digital Book Gifts

apple ipad kindle reader

Amazon recently announced an e-book offering providing gift givers the ability to give digital books to recipients. Image Courtesy of Amazon.

Amazon.com’s latest offering will resonate with many a gift giver this year. The online retailing giant announced they have added a feature to the Kindle store that allows digital books to be given as gifts.

Giving an e-book is a simple process. A person logs onto the Amazon.com web site, navigates to the Kindle store, and clicks the “Give as a Gift” button next to the desired book. Once the recipient’s email address has been entered, the buyer completes the purchase and the shopping “trip” is complete. Amazon then sends the recipient an email letting them know that a gift is waiting for them to download.

What’s more, the recipient nor the gift giver are required to own a Kindle e-reader to take advantage of the new offering. Amazon offers a Kindle application that can be used on devices such as the Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Google Android based phones and even BlackBerry devices.

According to Amazon, digital books are quickly taking over their printed counterparts. In the last 30 days, the top 1,000 bestselling books on the Amazon.com site have sold more digital versions than physical ones. The top 10 books have been selling digitally at a pace of 2 to 1 against physical versions.

Offering the gifting feature in time for holiday shopping is sure to boost those numbers even further.