October 3, 2022

Amazon Makes Good On Kindle Book Sharing Promise

amazon kindle title sharing

The Amazon Kindle got a new feature update recently in the form of title sharing. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Just barely before the end of the year, as promised, Amazon has held to its word and released a new feature for the hottest ebook reader on the market. The Amazon Kindle software and hardware devices quietly received an update Thursday bringing ebook title sharing as a feature enhancement.

The feature offers users the ability to loan books they own to other readers. Titles can only be loaned a single time, and only for a period of 14 days, according to Amazon.

The company has made sharing titles easy. From the Kindle device, a user can loan a title by going to the Manage Your Kindle or from the product page of a title already purchased. A loan can also be initiated from Amazon’s web site. Once initiated, the borrower receives an email to which they have to respond within 7 days.

A couple of caveats exist, however. First, while a book is on loan, the owner cannot read it. Once returned back to the owner, it becomes available again. Second, the title sharing feature is only available to users in the United States at the current time. Worldwide support is supposedly coming, but no word on when at the moment.

Amazon has upgraded the Kindle software running not only on its Kindle ereader devices, but also the software available for mobile devices such as the BlackBerry, Android phones, iPhone, iPad and computers such as the Mac and PC. All Kindle platforms will support the new book borrowing capability.