September 25, 2022

Alcohol More Harmful Than Heroin

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A new study reveals that the most widely used drug, alcohol, is more dangerous than hard core drugs like cocaine or heroine

A new study was recently published in the British Medical Journal, The Lancet, and it shows that overall, alcohol is more dangerous and harmful than heroin and crack.

The study was led by scientist Dr. David Nutt at the University of Bristol. During the study they evaluated the three drugs, along with marijuana and ecstasy, for a total of 20 drugs in all.

They took the effects of the drugs and scored them on 16 criteria. Scores were based on the physical harm to the user, the effect it has on those around the user and how addictive it is. Also included in the study was the economic costs like health care, prison and social services. All of the drugs were scored out of 100 points.

Alcohol came in the highest with 72 points, heroin was second with 55 points, followed closely by crack cocaine with 54 points. The reason alcohol scored so high was because it’s used much more than any of the others. It not only has consequences for the user, but it also can greatly effect those around them. It’s connected to a high death rate, it damages all organs in your body and when it comes to crime, it’s the most used drug, even higher than heroin.

Crack, crystal meth and heroin are the deadliest to each individual, but when you take into consideration how it effects those around, alcohol becomes the most damaging.

Since alcohol is a legal drug, people often think of it as a safe drug, but that is just not the case. The health consequences are greater with alcohol than with any other drug.

It’s also easily accessible, so people tend to think it’s not a problem, when really it is.  There are over 17 million adults in the United States that have problems with alcohol and dependency issues.