October 3, 2022

Actor Randy Quaid: A Real Life Case of Down and Out in Beverly Hills

Randy Quaid and wife mugshot

Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department Photo

Actor Randy Quaid and his wife, Evi, are facing a new series of truly serious real life problems.

Quaid and his wife must now contend with burglary charges brought against them when the current owner of the couple’s previously owned home notified authorities that they were living there without authorization.

The property owner’s representative summoned Santa Barbara police on Saturday to report that the squatters had been unlawfully living in the guest house. Upon arrival that evening, the police found the couple who claimed that they have owned the home since the 1990s.

However, the current owner’s representative showed documents proving that his client had purchased the property 3 years ago from a person who had  bought it from the actor and his wife several years ago. Police were also shown damages to the guest house totaling over $5,000 – damages believed to have been caused by the Quaids.

Police arrested Quaid and his wife, charging them with residential burglary, a felony, as well as the misdemeanor charge of entering a noncommercial building without consent.. In addition, Evi Quaid was charged with resisting arrest. The couple’s bail was set at $50,000 each.

In 2009, the Quaids were arrested on the charge of defrauding an innkeeper of over $10,000 along with burglary and conspiracy after using an invalid credit card at a hotel in Montecito, California. They were also charged with using an invalid credit card at the Santa Barbara Biltmore.

The charges against Randy Quaid were eventually dropped. His wife pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor charge of defrauding an innkeeper, with a sentence of three years’ probation. She was also required to perform community service totaling 240 hours..

At one time a popular character actor, Randy Quaid has watched his acting career grind to a halt over the last few years. His most recent appearance on screen was in the tennis comedy “Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach” in which he portrayed a tennis coach who keels over dead early in the film. Panned by critics, the movie never was released to theaters. In January 2009 it went directly to home DVD.