June 28, 2022

9/11 Workers Have Until Monday To Claim Large Settlement


Cleanup at Ground Zero has had lasting health effects on the workers involved leading to a large proposed settlement

Thousands of workers, including police officers, firefighters, hard hats and any other Ground Zero workers, have received a rather large settlement for the health issues they sustained during the clean up at Ground Zero.

All those that were involved in the clean up, including transporting debris to the landfill on Staten Island, have been exposed to toxic material and it has caused many health problems such as asthma and gastrointestinal problems. They were not warned of the dangers or protected from the possible dangers.

Now about 10,000 plaintiffs can receive part of the $760 million deal. Right now about 85% of the plaintiffs have already agreed to the payout, but in order for the settlement to be accepted 95% of the plaintiffs have to agree to it.

If not all 95% come forward, then each individual will have to pursue their own lawsuits, which realistically could take years to settle.

Payouts will be different for each individual. Depending on the severity of their illness, plaintiffs could receive anywhere from $3250 to several million dollars.

This is not an easy decision for Glen Klein, who did accept the settlement. His payout is going to be small, but he is banking on the benefits that have been offered to them through Zadroga. Zadroga is a $7.4 billion federal health care coverage proposal.

Klein says he has no idea how sick he is going to be from all this, but he does suffer now from gastrointestinal problems as well as asthma.

Had he opted out of the settlement he would have also opted out of Zadroga.