June 28, 2022

3 People Dead After Russian Plane Explodes

airport plane runway

A plane caught fire and exploded on a runway in Siberia killing 3 and injuring many more

Over 40 people were injured and 3 people killed when a Russian Tu-154, taxiing down a snowy runway in Siberia, caught fire then exploded.

The crew worked as quickly as possible to get everyone off the plane before the explosion happened. People trying to escape the chaos were jumping through flames just to make it off the aircraft in time.

A popular music group from Russia called Na-Na was on board. They all escaped without harm, but reported the chaos that they experienced. One band member said that people were so panicked while trying to get off the plane that they were actually stepping on people’s heads. Another member said he saw his life flash before his eyes.

The flight was scheduled to carry passengers from Siberia to Moscow, but the plane never even left the runway.

An emergency service spokesman, Vadim Grebennikov, said that there are 10 people that were seriously injured with extensive burns and broken bones. The rest were treated for inhaling toxic fumes.

This is not the first time these planes have had issues. Many of them were pulled from service over a year ago. This fleet has been the workhorse of the Soviet aviation industry dating back to the 1970’s.